Antoci Residence

The feeling starts when you turn onto your street. Your foot falls on that front step and you’re already a bit lighter. Your hand touches that doorknob and the air is softer. You cross that threshold, close the door behind you and you know: this is your place. Here is home.

Eve and Mark Antoci know that their home is where problems are solved, not created. “There’s enough that needs fixing out there,” Mark says with a chuckle — as a commercial plumber, he would know. “We wanted to leave it out there.” When it came time to recreate their kitchen and dining room, they knew they didn’t want to invite worry in. So they invited Marana.

It wasn’t a hasty decision: the Antoci family planned for two years until they found Marana, because they needed someone who understood that big choices aren’t ones you want to worry about later. Marana knew they needed a space that they could live in, not think about.

It started with their La Cornue stove. It’s what they use to feed their family; Marana let it nourish their design process, too. Building around a piece that is made to last, Marana found a look that was timeless. They gave their custom-made cabinets a high-gloss walnut finish, set against gold-marble-patterned tops. Rift-cut panels adorn the fridge and pantry, balanced against a custom wall unit in the dining area. It all keeps the space comfortable and inviting, a place to be together, no matter what’s going on: an open concept that lets the whole family in.

But a family kitchen isn’t just made to be photographed. Marana knew it would be the most-used space in the house, and built it to be full. Durability is part of it: a porcelain counter, so stains disappear with a wipe, seven layers of paint, so scratches and bumps don’t show, sturdy Blum tracks on the drawers, so they’ll glide open as smoothly the thousandth time as they did on the first.
Functionality is the true test, though. Marana’s careful and considerate design made the Antoci kitchen seamless. Every drawer was purpose-built: some for keeping pots and pans resting on the bottom layers, some for tucking away plates in their own perfect nook, some for keeping spices and sauces within arm’s reach. Organization is as simple as putting things in a drawer; setting the table as simple as sliding them open.

“It’s nice to not have to worry about it,” Eve says, leaning casually against her counter. “It’s always nice to be able to close a door and think, ‘There. Everything is in its place.’”

That’s what home is about, after all: knowing you’re in the right place.

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