Sharma Residence

Doctor Rohit Sharma is used to people listening to him in examination rooms, in hospital hallways, even, sometimes, on the street. At home, though, he knows there’s only one place where he can expect ears to perk up when he talks. “The kitchen,” he says, smiling as he spreads his arms across the great black quartz of his central island, where his family sits, happily listening, “is the only place where I get more than 30 seconds of my children’s undivided attention.”

No wonder it’s where Sharma likes to spend most of his time. And no wonder, when it came time for his living space to grow with his family, he knew exactly what he wanted out of it. Marana was the company that could give it to him.

It began with listening. Consultation, design, revision, until every need was not just understood, but built right into the home. The Sharmas found the right house in the right place, but it needed the right final touches, something that lived up to their unique vision. Marana reimagined and built their guest bathroom and powder room with custom cabinetry, creating enough space that everyone could feel at home when the in-laws came to see the newest addition to their family.

The Sharmas needed some things for themselves, too. The master bathroom was redesigned as a personal spa, not just in luxurious touches — a custom-built vanity with an Onyx back panel, built around the curvature of the walls to keep things flowing, a back-lit mirror to create a free and relaxing atmosphere — but in practical ones, too. Deep drawers and custom-built hamper towers hide away the day-to-day necessities and keep the space open. Sensor lighting invites entry while saving energy. The same principle was applied to their walk-in closets, built with custom drawers and hangers, keeping everything in its place.

Sometimes, though, a personal luxury can also be a showcase. The Sharmas found that in their wine room. Using rare and stunning South African Wenge wood, dark panels are set against glass doors, their impressive collection open for viewing thanks to a custom built steel peg system that maximized storage and let them display their bottles. “Rohit would probably disappear into the wine room for days if he didn’t love the kitchen so much,” says Mrs. Sharma with a smile.
When it came down to it, though, nothing was more important than the kitchen. The Sharmas wanted all-Canadian construction: Marana sourced and customized solid wood cabinets and drawers, each built to the Sharma's specifications, 24 inches deep to hold the tools of kitchen trade set back to give them the space to use it. All the appliances were handpicked, touch-activated so they don’t have to take any attention away from the kids. An island was added and topped with deep black quartz from a local quarry, set against a black subway tile backsplash so that the kitchen would look as good as the family using it.

A pantry was added, a place where the necessities of cooking and cleaning would be right at hand without getting in the way of the family that filled the room. Rohit can swing open the door to retrieve his next ingredient without losing sight of the family lounging on the couch. “We got a lot of real estate and storage from the space we had,” Sharma reflects, “which is good, because I like to see my kids, make sure they are paying attention.”

When he stands in his kitchen now, everything Sharma sees is something he helped create: not just a growing family, but a space for them to grow together. They’re the kind of things that can only happen when everyone is paying close attention.

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